Residential Dryer Fires – 70% Operational Deficiency

According to the US Fire Commission in a report published January of 2007, the leading factor in a full 70% of residential dryer fires is:  “Operational Deficiency — Failure to clean”.*

In other words, not taking care of the lint as it accumulates.  The proper maintenance of a dryer includes cleaning the line from the trap, vents and surrounding areas.  If this isn’t done consistently it can, and often does, result in a fire.

It is up to the homeowner to remove the lint from the dryer trap after each load of laundry.  However, cleaning out the dryer vent and surrounding areas can normally be done only by a professional.

When lint has to pass through an exhaust that is under a floor or through walls that is more than 6 feet long, it is almost impossible to propel all the lint of out of the vent.  As a result, lint can accumulate in pockets along the vent where they are hard to reach and clean.  It is critical for homeowners to inspect and clean out the dryer line on a regular basis.

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*Published in the USFA Topical Fire Research Series, Vol. 7, Issue 1, January 2007