Dead Rodent Removal and Rodent Droppings

Clean A Duct does dead rodent removal where some dead animals will be easy to pull out, others require more maneuvering. We use a specialized video camera to identify the location and removal procedure.

As dead animals sit, their bodies begin to swell and can become stuck. It may require removing boards or other obstacles (if the animal is not in the air ducts) that are in the way prior to removing. However the use of video cameras have minimized unnecessary damage to your walls and floors.

We Get Rid of the Problem Fast!

  1. Once the dead rodent and the additional rotting material is removed.
  2. The next step is to wipe up maggots, body juices, etc.
  3. When everything’s removed, Clean A Duct sanitizes with an antimicrobial treatment.
  4. If needed we can replace the floorboards, insulation, etc.
  5. Finally, open all the windows in the house and the let fresh air in.
  6. Enjoy your fresh smelling home!

The Effects of Rodent Droppings & Dead Rodents

Not only can can dead rodents be found in air ducts, but also lurking can be their dreaded waste possibly releasing hazardous viruses into your home.

Hantaviruses are a type of virus found in rodents in different parts of the world. In the U.S. human Hantavirus infections were first identified in the southwest in 1993. In recent years, sporadic cases have been found in several states. Studies have shown that mice are often infected and appear to be the source of infection.

The virus is carried by rodents such as mice which are found throughout North America. Infected rodents shed the live virus in saliva, droppings and urine. Humans are infected when they inhale microscopic particles that contain viruses from rodent urine or droppings.

Typical symptoms include high fever, muscle aches, cough and headache. After several days, respiratory problems worsen rapidly. The lungs may fill with fluid and victims may die of respiratory failure or shock. There is no specific treatment for Hantavirus. Physicians have been administering ribavarin, an antiviral drug, on an experimental basis to suspected victims. Besides the potential health hazards, the ghastly smell of a dead and rotting animal decomposing in the air circulating throughout your home can be overwhelming.

Bird Nest Removal

Birds like to build their nests in the opening where your dryer vents to the outside of your house. This can become quite a problem and not allow your dryer to vent properly. Clean A Duct is called on a regular basis to come out and remove the nest materials from the line.  Sometimes it can be quite a bit!  Some builders try to prevent this problem by placing a screen over the opening.  This does not remedy the situation, however, because now lint collects on the inside of the screen, building up to the point where sufficient air cannot flow out.  Clean A Ducts’ technicians are once again called out to unclog this mass of lint.  Clean A Duct can fix the problem for you without compromising the efficiency of your dryer vent line.

We also do air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning.

Whether it’s dead rodent removal or bird nests removal, call Clean A Duct to solve the problem.